Terms and Conditions

Our web shop products are listed as individual items as well as in Special Packages that combine features that are designed to satisfy the needs of various specific markets.

All of our products can be additionally modified to suit your more specific needs, and our rates for these modifications are reasonable. Before deciding on any product or service, please understand that the following rules apply:


1. You may own or register your own URL(S), and these URL(S) must be in your own account. While we don’t have an official position regarding registration, we recommend complete transparency by making your registration public.

2. If you are not currently established, or have no present URL then we can register a new URL for you.

3. You do not require your own website(s) or URL as we can serve your internet shop on our main site and include it in our search engine in order to help to keep your operating costs at a minimum.

4. You are responsible for all promotional decisions and costs, as well as establishing your own contacts for SEO work, Development of Meta Tags, Web and other Media Advertising, Promotion and Publicity.

5. You are responsible for any Transaction Processing connected with your web site, and for establishing any banking relationships connected with this processing.

6. You are responsible for compliance with all laws and regulations that exist within the Jurisdiction which you reside, and in the Jurisdictions that you offer your services in.

7. You are responsible for all ongoing service and maintenance fees as outlined in the final section of this document. These fees are invoiced monthly in advance, and payment must be received within 15 days of invoice date.


1. We will provide a fully customized Initial Web store utilizing logos and other graphics that you provide. We will provide the store and other features which are also customized specifically for you.

2. We will warranty that the functionality of the site and the store will be exactly as specified in the descriptions below. We will also warranty the functionality of any custom work done by us.

3. We will warranty the functionality of any Transaction Processing API’s and the functionality of any advertising links provided and or created by us.

4. We will provide complete Back End Database Reporting, and further guarantee the accuracy of the databases and data provided within the site and within the store.


1. We require a 1/3 (one third) deposit before starting any project.

2. We require that 1/3 (one third) be paid upon completion of a working site with working games or any product ordered by you.

3. We require that the entire balance due be paid upon your acceptance of the Site and/or store(s) or other products ordered, and upon receipt of that balance, will relinquish control of the supporting database and database back-end functions to you.