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Poker for Charities

A full feature Texas Hold ’em Poker Game that allows any 501C3 charity to establish their own tournaments based on a raffle that they sell, and played on any Mobile Device.

Unlike other Internet poker Games, the charity keeps all of the money collected and decides on and provides the game prizes, and keeps all of the monies collected, paying AWMG a small one-time fee for establishing the customized Texas Hold ‘em Game site and Mobile Apps, and a small per tournament fee to cover bandwidth. This game is completely legal world-wide.

Promotional Poker

A full feature Texas Hold ’em Poker Game that includes 10 user insertable ads or other items like tournament announcements that appear between games. This product is ideal for land-based casinos to offer their players a free game and enables the casino the ability to maintain contact with their customers.

Rent a Poker Table

A full feature Texas Hold ’em Poker Game that is designed to replace the weekly poker game for private groups to play their weekly poker game while playing the game from their individual locations.

ALL AWMG Texas Hold‘em poker games come with a complete Back Office that gives the client complete control to establish tournaments and to supervise and record all game results.


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